City High School Earns Highest Education Equality Index Rating in Tucson

Building Photo 47 East Pennington

City High School has been recognized as a top school by achieving the highest score in Tucson, Arizona released in the newest data from the Education Equality Index (EEI) survey on June 20, 2017. The results shared that the average EEI score in Tucson is 57.7 and City High School earned a score of 93.3.

“We are so pleased to be recognized by EEI as a ‘far above average’ school with a very high rating in reading, which is a college success indicator,” stated Eve Rifkin, co-founder and director of college access at City High School. “This ranking is a result of our hard work with a highly diverse student body with different needs and backgrounds – that is the true work of a public school, and we could not be more proud.”

Rifkin added, “My hope is that the EEI survey helps to shift the national conversation about school ranking criteria and elevates the profile of schools that are engaged in the daily commitment to serve all students, regardless of socio-economic status.”

The criteria for the high EEI rating included school levels, grade ranges, magnet/charter classification, student proficiency, number of students tested, city population figures, and free or reduced price lunch figures, plus exceeding the low-income achievement category. City High School draws a diverse student body from throughout the Tucson metropolitan area.

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