Letter from the Principal: A-F Accountability

Brett Goble

Dear City High School Families and Community,

On Monday, October 9, the Arizona State Board of Education released A-F letter grades for all schools in Arizona. The letter grades are calculated based on a formula that includes proficiency and growth rates on AzMERIT tests as well as graduation rate and college and career readiness indicators.

The A-F grading system provides us with useful information we can use to make adjustments in our instruction and support structures in order to help our students reach higher levels of achievement. The grade and the data that comes with it also affirms what we are doing well so that we can build on those strengths and acknowledge the efforts of our teachers, students, and community partners.

City High School received a “B” under the new accountability system. The State Board of Education considers schools that scored a ‘B’ to be Highly Performing. While we would like more of our students to demonstrate proficiency in Math and English on the AzMERIT tests, students showed significant growth in Math. Our graduation rate and college and career readiness indicators were among our strongest scores.

While we have much to learn from in the data as we continue efforts to improve, we also recognize there are other factors that contribute to the overall quality of our educational program. We regularly engage in projects that ask students apply the subjects they learn to real-world situations and issues. Through our Advisory program and in Student-led Roundtable Conferences and Gateways, we ensure that every student is known well, feels supported, and is appreciated for their unique abilities and passions.

Your own perceptions and the experience of students as they grow academically, socially and emotionally are perhaps the best indicators of our success as a school. Thank you for your ongoing support for City High School as we continue our mission to engage all minds in relevant and meaningful learning.

If you have any questions about the A-F accountability system please visit the State Board of Education’s webpage or contact me.


Brett Goble, Principal

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