Participate in StoryCorps’ The Great Listen this Thanksgiving

If you’ve ever listened to NPR on a Friday, chances are you’ve heard a story from StoryCorps. And chances are, you were moved to tears or laughter. StoryCorps is a program whose mission is “to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world.” The basic premise is, people go to a StoryCorps booth, sit down, and talk to each other, ask each other questions, discuss their stories. The stories are recorded and then archived at the Library of Congress.

Three years ago, StoryCorps started a program called The Great Thanksgiving Listen. The idea is for high school students to interview an elder in their family during Thanksgiving to document that person’s life and story. Since StoryCorp’s goal is to build connections, The Great Thanksgiving Listen challenges high school students to sit down with someone in their family and ask questions about his/her life. To make things even easier, StoryCorps has created an app that students can download to record and then upload the interview to the StoryCorps website for archival.

During Whole School Meeting this week, Annie will be sharing the program with students, and during Advisory, students will get a chance to download the app and start thinking of questions and who they could interview. We’ll also provide students with a copy of the The Great Thanksgiving Listen placemat, which includes possible questions and discussion starters. Even if your family doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, the long weekend could be an opportunity for your student to make a connection with you or someone else in your family through sharing stories.


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