Required Office Hours start Thursday, September 7

One of the ways we work to ensure academic success at City High is through our Required Office Hours program. Teachers assign students to stay after school on Thursdays to get extra support in their classes. If your student has been assigned Required Office Hours, you will get a notification at the beginning of the week so you can plan accordingly. Required Office Hours will begin next Thursday, September 7. Required Office Hours are from 3:15-4:15 p.m.

If you receive notification that your student has been assigned Required Office Hours and your student cannot make it, please contact Annie Holub, Dean of Student Life and School Culture, at or 623-7223 ext. 206. Students can only be excused from Required Office Hours by a parent/guardian.

Your student also may be assigned additional after school Academic Tutoring on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and/or Fridays if their teachers determine they need the extra help. This tutoring time is also open to any student who wants additional help with their school work.

Regular Office Hours are Tuesdays-Fridays before classes from 8:30-8:55 a.m. Teachers are available in their rooms for students to drop in to ask questions, make up tests/quizzes, etc.


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