Special Meeting for Seniors and Parents: Thursday 8/24, 6-8pm

There will be a special session for all seniors and their parents this Thursday, 8/24, during the annual Back to School Night. Parents will have an opportunity to hear from Krista Gypton, Senior English teacher, and Eve Rifkin, Director of College Access as they discuss this year’s approach to the senior experience. Parents will hear about the various units of instruction, how they can support their students as they make their postsecondary plans, and other things related to senior year.

Additionally,we are excited to be able to continue our 1:1 Chromebook program for all seniors and will Chromebooks during the meeting. All graduating seniors may check out a Chromebook for the entire year. Students who earn all As and Bs during the school year will be able to keep theirs; all other students will have the option of purchasing theirs for a significantly reduced price.

We look forward to seeing all seniors and their parents tomorrow evening. if you have any questions, please contact Eve Rifkin, Director of College Access.


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