City High Partnering with SIROW To Offer Sexual Education To All 9th and 10th Graders

At City High, we aim to provide health and wellness education that all of our students will benefit from. We have partnered with the Southwest Institute for the Research on Women (SIROW) to provide comprehensive sexual education to our 9th and 1oth grade students (11th and 12th grade students participated in a condensed version during our Health and Wellness Day Jan. 26). SIROW is part of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Arizona.

SIROW’s mission is “to develop, conduct, and disseminate collaborative outreach, education, intervention, and research projects of importance to diverse groups.

The sexual health curriculum, entitled SIROW-HEY (Health Education for Youth) is an 8-session comprehensive sexuality education curriculum. SIROW-HEY provides age-appropriate, culturally-informed, factual information through dynamic, interactive classroom sessions to assist youth in making healthy, informed decisions.

SIROW-HEY consists of the following sessions:

  • Sexual identity, puberty, and self-esteem
  • Sexual/reproductive anatomy & physiology
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
  • Safer sex protection methods
  • Practicing effective communication
  • Recognizing unhealthy relationships
  • Building healthy relationships

Additionally, students can opt to participate in a study, called the Spectrum Evaluation Study, that will evaluate the effectiveness of different programs and services in meeting the sexual education needs of all youth, not excluding youth who identify as LGBTQSA. Your student does not have to participate in the study to be able to receive the SIROW-HEY curriculum, although it is helpful to have this data to assess the overall effectiveness of the program. Consent forms will be sent home with students before the curriculum starts. 

Contact Health and Wellness Coordinator Erica Saunders with any additional questions you many have. Courtney Waters, Spectrum Program Coordinator, is also available to answer questions:

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