Yonarki Garcia

Chemistry and Food Sciences Teacher

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Yonarki (Yo-NAR-Kee) Garcia obtained both his Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and his Master’s degree in Food Science and Technology from the University of Havana in Cuba.  While in Cuba, he taught Chemistry at one high school and also at the University of Camaguey, he was a Professor of General Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Food Science.  At the same time, he taught Nutrition and Dietician courses at the University of Medical Science.  He also completed all of his research at The Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.  Later, Yonarki moved to Peru where he completed an International Research Project at the University of Santiago Antunez De Mayolo.  Afterwards, he taught Chemistry at two high schools and he was a Professor at the University of Alas Peruanas where he was teaching General Chemistry and Biochemistry.  Yonarki has been a speaker at several International Conferences in both Cuba and in Peru.  His professional experience has led him to review several journalistic articles about Food Science.  In the United States, his transcripts have all been certified as equivalent making him a valuable asset for teaching and research.

Yonarki likes teaching at CHS because of the activity based learning model and the diversity of the school.  He enjoys spending his free time at home with his family, which includes, cooking and playing with his German Sheppard.