Students at work with technology resources in the Art Studio.

At City High School, we realize the value of utilizing 21st-century technology to accomplish tasks and to navigate/research the world of information. The school is equipped with hi-speed wireless connectivity throughout the facility and has extensive technology resources available to students and staff to enhance teaching and learning.

There are five mobile computer carts, four which each house class sets of laptop and Chromebooks. Another cart has a class set of iPads. Teachers reserve and bring carts into their classrooms when technology integration is required. There are also desktop computers used intensively for specific purposes, such as radio, video editing, foreign language instruction, and college and scholarship research. All classrooms are equipped with digital projectors. Other technology resources regularly used by students include digital still and video cameras and audio recording devices.

All students and staff are issued City High School Google email accounts with storage available on Google Drive. Students and staff also have access to Google Apps and Google Classroom. All teachers are issued a laptop for their professional use.

City High School uses PowerSchool as its student information system. PowerSchool is a user-friendly web-based program that has parent and student portals. We encourage all families to access PowerSchool regularly to review academic progress, assignment descriptions, and attendance records with their son or daughter. There are also PowerSchool iPad, iPhone and Android Apps available. To get log-in details and other information about PowerSchool, contact IT Director Mike Moore, 623-7223 x219.