New VOICES / Kore Press Workshop Starts Next Week!

VOICES and Kore Press are joining forces once again to offer a dynamic workshop for the female students at City High School. We are calling all young women/teen grrls. A new Kore Press’ Grrls Literary Activism Project is starting next week (running Feb 8 to mid-May). In “The Listening Project” grrls will interview and record stories for the radio of women war veterans to help create an on-line audio site accessible by millions all over the world. Mondays and Wednesdays 3:15-5:45pm at City High School. 16 grrls from various Tucson high schools and the University of Arizona will make up the 4 interviewing teams. Learn real-world documentary arts and civil discourse skills (ie, the art of the interview, transcribing, radio story-telling, editing, audio engineering, photography); work with scholars and adult mentors in the field. Be a part of this historic moment!

City High School’s humanities teachers are offering Honors Credit for students that complete this workshop!

Contact VOICES Director Krista Niles for more information or register online right now!

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