Recent Grad Spotlight: Angelique Montaño

Angelique Montaño during her UofA New Start program.

City High graduates do not let the grass grow under their feet as they busily prepare themselves for college orientations, summer traveling, and other post-secondary plans.

Angelique Montaño, class of 2017, has been spending her days at the University of Arizona’s New Start, a program designed to help incoming freshman successfully launch into their college careers. Angelique was this year’s recipient of the Congressional Certificate of Recognition which acknowledges a student for their exemplary leadership and outstanding service to the community.

During her time at City High School, Angelique served as an intern for a local photographer, ran her own photography business, and was a powerful role model for her peers at school. We are so proud of Angelique and wish her well as she begins her exciting college career at the University of Arizona!

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