Senior Spotlight: College Acceptance Letters are Coming In!

Kat Altaffer ’18, enjoying the Pacific Northwest, which will soon be her new home.

For seniors who have applied to college, this time of year requires a lot of patience. Most applications were due at the beginning of January and decision letters won’t generally arrive until April.

But some seniors would prefer to avoid the long wait and apply to college with either an “early decision” or “early action plan”. That’s exactly what Katherine “Kat” Altaffer ’18 did, and her determination paid off. Congratulations to Kat on her acceptance to Lewis and Clark College. She got word of her early action acceptance in December and could not be more thrilled.

Kat knew that Lewis and Clarke was the place for her the moment she set foot on the campus during a visit. “Lewis and Clark is an amazing community of learners and I feel that I will really thrive there. The campus is an oasis in the middle of Portland, a great city that will provide me with opportunities in the future. It also has the 2nd best environmental law program in the country. It is absolutely beautiful there.”  The “love-at-first-site” experience is exactly what should determine the choice to apply either early action or early decision.

Early action or early decision application plans are not for everyone. It’s critical that the applicant feels very confident that the school is the absolute right fit, and that they have an excellent shot at getting in. For more information on the early application plans that exist at a majority of universities around the country, click here.

It’s not easy to stay focused when you’ve got dreams of pine trees, rain, and the City of Portland on the brain, but Kat’s currently working hard to have a successful completion to her senior year. She is, however, very excited for the journey that lies ahead. “I think the most exciting thing is being on my own and experiencing the world which is also the most challenging. The cold will be difficult for me to manage but I love the rain. On one hand I am terrified to leave my family and go out into the real world but I also think being so far away will help me develop some independence. I will miss my family a lot but I’m ready to have my own experiences and make my own decisions.”

Kudos to Kat Altaffer for this incredible accomplishment!




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