Food Science Gets Real

Ming-Min Lee (lab manager) and students prep for hands-on lab work at the University of Arizona Microbiology lab.

This year City High School has a new Food Science class and students have been getting out of the classroom and into labs all over Tucson to get their hands dirty and see the concepts move from the textbook into reality.

They have visited Dr. Betsy Arnold’s microbiology labs where the amazing lab assistants lead them through a fungi lab experiment.

They have been to the University of Arizona’s Agriculture and Life Sciences Extension campus to learn all about how meat is processed.

And they even had the local Fermented Tea Company come to class and share their expertise with our students on how to grow your own SCOBY and produce homemade kombucha. Students learned about fermentation, dangers of cross-contamination and how to analyze PH levels.

There are many more hands-on field trips and experiences coming up. This is a true example of taking advantage of all our amazing local resources to enrich the learning process.


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