Internship Spotlight: Tala McKenna-Johnson

Tala McKenna-Johnson is at their dream internship with Lisa Marie at Straight to the Point, whose mission it is to “… serve and accentuate the beauty of individuality and self-love through professional body piercing.” Tala has been learning a ton about how to run a business, how to take care of piercings and jewelry, and how to successfully be a part of a team.

Tala says, “I am having the time of my life. The other employees help me with everything and teach me as they go. I was being taught how to pick jewelry for customers and get it fully sanitized,  I picked out 3 pieces all by myself successfully. I am also being taught how to use the metal cleaning room which is REALLY scary but once I know how to use it the piercers won’t have to, which will make their lives a lot easier.” This is exactly what we love about our Internship Program!

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