Check Out These Books!

JoAnn has curated an awesome selection of books from our schools’ library that you can check out! In order to check out a book (or two) to read, please follow these steps:
1) Peruse THIS LIST of excellent books and choose one or two that you would like to read. Write down the WHOLE NAME OF THE BOOK (you’ll need it for the next step).
2) Fill out THIS SURVEY to reserve your book(s)!
3) Wait to receive an email that says “CCCL Library Books Are Ready for Pick-up!”
4) After you get that email, come on down to the food distribution site and pick up your book(s)! If neither you nor someone else in your household is able to come pick up the book(s), please send an email to telling him so. We’ll figure out how to get it to you.
Food Distribution Site:
300 E. University Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85705

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