UPDATE: CITY CCL Food Distribution Plan

From this point on, meals will be distributed only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, from 8am – 10am. We will hand out Monday and Tuesday’s meals on Monday (2 breakfasts & 2 lunches), Wednesday and Thursday’s meals on Wednesday (2 breakfasts & 2 lunches), and Friday will be breakfast and lunch for Friday.
This schedule will also hold true for picking up/dropping off any non-food things. If you need to pick up or drop off something outside of these times, please coordinate with your student’s advisor.

Here are details about the CCCL food distribution plan

• Food distribution will take place from the Paulo Freire Freedom School – University campus. Enter the alley (N Herbert Ave.) directly east of the school from University Blvd. See the map below for details.
• Parents/guardians should stay in their cars and be ready with student’s/students’ last name, number of breakfasts, and number of lunches they’ll need.
• Families do not need to worry about any financial transactions – if they need food for their children, they should come.
• If families are unable to get to our school during those distribution hours, they should email Seth (seth@cityccl.org) AND Chuy (jesusm@cityccl.org)
AND go to one of the other food distribution sites listed in THIS ARTICLE, if possible.
Donations to Support Food Distribution
If you are able to donate to the CCCL website, we will use these funds to cover the costs of providing food to all families free of charge during the school closure.
1. Go to this link: https://cityccl.org/donate/
2. Select your donation amount. If you don’t see the amount you want to donate, select “Other.”
3. Next, choose “Other” for the purpose.
4. Fill out the information on the form at the bottom of the page.
5. When you see “AMBASSADOR,” type in “Meals.” That way, we will know which donations were earmarked for Meals and can apply those funds to families who need our support.

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