City High Radio students win big at AIPA 2020 Journalism Contest

City High Radio students in 2019

Congratulations to the following City High Radio students, who won big at the annual AIPA 2020 Journalism Contest. This is a statewide contest, open to all journalism students in Arizona. The winners are usually announced in October, but the awards announcement was delayed by several months this year due to Covid (which is why these are the 2020 awards). You can hear these stories and more on City High Radio’s SoundCloud, or by following City High Radio on Facebook

Feature story (TV/RADIO/FILM category)
  • Honorable MentionIman Flenory, “School Shootings: How Worried Are We?”
  • Excellence Category (Second Place)Pilar Lopez “What’s On Your Bucket List?”
  • Superior Category (First Place)Geronimo Sanchez “When Teachers Misbehave”
  • Superior Category (First Place): Alex Soto “What Is The Most Beautiful Sound”

Commentary (TV/RADIO/FILM category)

  • Superior Category (First Place): Juila Ortiz and Cougar Miller, “Our Generation, Our Climate)
  • Superior Category (First Place): Nigel Van Pelt and Elijah Nixon, “Social Media: Healthy or Harmful?”

Best Podcast

  • Superior Category (First Place)City High Radio Podcast

In addition to these accolades, Alex Soto’s “What Is The Most Beautiful Sound?” continues to gain national attention after being recognized as a finalist for NPR’s Student Podcast Challenge contest last year; Soto was featured on an episode of NPR’s Students’ Podcast in January.

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