Make Your 2020 Tax Credit Donation Today!

Every year City High School raises significant dollars through our tax credit campaign to support the most hands-on and intensive learning that our students experience. We can’t reach our goal without your help!

Make your contribution now through our CITY Center for Collaborative Learning website. Donate by April 15, 2021 to claim this state tax credit on your 2020 federal tax returns.

The Arizona State School Tax Credit Program is a great opportunity for any Arizona resident to make a financial donation to a public school of their choice and receive a state tax credit. Arizona residents who file individually may donate any amount up to $200, and residents who file jointly may donate up to $400, and receive a dollar-for-dollar reduction on their state taxes.

Your help in sharing our tax credit campaign to encourage your friends and extended family to donate will help us financially support the student learning experiences that engage and inspire.

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