What To Do If You Are Absent

What To Do If You’re Absent

Parent/Guardians: please call (520) 623-7223 or email attendance@cityccl.org to let us know the reason for the absence and how long the student will be out (if possible). If the student is sick, please call us daily to update us on how they are feeling and if they will continue to be absent. 

Students: if you are feeling well enough, please email your advisor and teachers to let them know you are out. Check this file for staff contact info, teacher office hours, and to find where assignments and resources are posted. If you are absent for several days, please communicate with us every day so we know how you are doing and can support you. Please be sure to take care of yourself. We care about you, so if you are feeling overwhelmed please feel free to reach out to your Advisor or Rachel, our Counselor for support. Please see this Self Care document for ways to support your well-being.

What To Do When You Return To School

Students: plan to come to school at 8:30 am on the morning you return to school and go to your advisor’s office hours to make a plan to reconnect with your teachers and complete classwork. If you have been able to work from home, the transition back to class should be quick and easy. If you have not been able to work from home, your advisor and teachers will work together to create a plan for learning recovery and work completion. All teachers have office hours in the morning before school and at least one afternoon a week to give you individual and small group support. Math tutoring is available after school on Tues, Weds, and Thursdays. We are here to support your success!


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