City High School embarked on an accelerated route to accreditation immediately upon opening in 2004 and successfully received accreditation in 2006. Our school was reviewed again in 2011 and our accreditation was renewed at that time. In 2016-17 City High School was reviewed for the 3rd time and our accreditation was renewed.  This year in 2022, City High School is beginning the 6-year accreditation cycle again.

Additional affiliations:

  • City High School is a public charter high school, chartered by the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools in 2003; like all public schools in Arizona, we are accountable to the Arizona Department of Education.
  • City High School’s founders were very much inspired by the philosophy of the Coalition of Essential Schools and its founder Theodore Sizer. City High School has been a member school of the Coalition since the school’s inception in 2004.
  • City High School is committed to high-quality, job-embedded professional development for its staff. All teachers participate in professional learning communities (PLCs) and many City High School staff are trained facilitators in the critical friends group model of professional learning communities (CFGs led by the School Reform Initiative.