Annual Budget Process & Related Documents

Financial Reporting & Links for FY 2015 & FY 2016 are below:

October 2015

  • CITY Center for Collaborative Learning submitted its Annual Financial Report to ADE by the October 15 deadline. Click here to review on the ADE website.

July 2015

  • The Board of Directors for CITY Center for Collaborative Learning will vote on the budget for FY2016 at their monthly meeting on July 9, 2015. The meeting will take place at City High School and convene at 3:30 p.m. The Budget Hearing Notification document is included here for public review: Hearing Notification for FY2016 Budget Adoption.
  • The proposed budget summary for FY2016, as presented in the official format required by the Arizona Department of Education, is available to the public and can be viewed here: Proposed Budget Summary for FY 2016.