Dillon Martino

Makerspace Teacher

(520) 623-7223 # - Email me

Dillon Martino is the Makerspace Studio Team Leader. The Makerspace studio is a multi-disciplinary creative space designed to provide students with a wide array of mediums to explore creative output. Mediums include but are not limited to;

woodworking, wood turning, digital design, 3-D printing and laser cutting, coding and circuitry, paper crafts, virtual reality and more. 

Along with whole-team art and design exercises, studio team members receive training and earn badges for demonstrating proficiency in the above mentioned skill sets as they move through the year. 

The studio is designed in a way that supports each individual team member’s learning and creative output in the ways that they want. Through use of the studio website (linked below) and studio manual, work is largely self guided and self paced. 

Dillon Martino earned a Bachelors in Secondary Education from Arizona State University in 2013, and has spent much of his time since then unlearning the best practices he was formally trained in. More recently, he worked to expand and hone his creative literacy with the internationally accomplished sculptor and artist Tom Sachs through Sachs’ Nikecraft Weartester program (S/N:2021.040.237), and was a contributor to the “Endurance” art exhibit at Rockefeller Center in New York City. 

Studio Website: