Janelle Reed

NSLP Coordinator and Yoga Instructor

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Janelle “Nelly” Reed is the Nutrition Coordinator for the school lunch program at City High and the Paulo Freire Freedom Schools. Janelle is a “retired” elementary school teacher of 15 years, and she brings her experience in family nutrition, Permaculture, and Farm-to-Table practice to our National School Lunch Program. She has co-founded multiple education programs for sustainable living, including an off-grid immersion program in Panama, specializing in chocolate production, and one in Jalisco, Mexico, which specialized in animal husbandry.  Janelle, her husband, and son immigrated to Tucson from Mexico in 2016.

Janelle is a lifelong practitioner of yoga, and this year she shares her practice with students at City High School. In her yoga class, students practice breath work, asana (poses), and mindfulness. Students will learn about morals and ethics of mindful living, known as the Yamas of Patanjali, as well as familiarize with the energetic Chakras that correspond with the physical body. Janelle promotes “listening to the body” as a guideline for young yogis, rather than striving for “perfect” poses. This body positive practice is known as All Bodies Rise Yoga (ABRY).