Schoolwide Assessment Program

A sophomore explaining his Demonstration of Mastery during his Gateway presentation.

Each student at City High School, with the support of their advisor, maintains a portfolio that documents their learning and progress in all subject areas and the school’s Habits of Heart and Mind. Students engage in Student-Led Conferences and annual Gateway presentations. In addition, there are other more traditional means of documenting and tracking individual student progress, including quarterly progress reports, semester grade reports and four-year transcripts. All students are also required to complete the Arizona-mandated AzMERIT (in math, reading, and writing) testing each year.

Student-Led Conferences
Every student hosts a Student-Led Conference at some point during the school year. The Student-Led Conference is facilitated by the student’s advisor and attended by parents, peers, and other teachers. Students discuss their development and mastery of City High School’s Habits of Heart and Mind by presenting evidence in the form of work they have done over the course of the semester.

Gateway Exhibitions
At the end of every school year, students do a Gateway presentation to demonstrate their progress on the academic standards, their commitment to learning, and their development of the school’s Habits of Heart and Mind. As part of their Gateway presentation, students present evidence of their progress—in the form of portfolios—to an invited panel of parents, peers, and community members. Students use Student-Led Conferences to prepare for the more formal Gateway presentations.