Lucas Murray and Diedra Bustos

Allie Leach

This year in our Dance Elective, we’ll explore a wide-variety of dance forms, some of which I’ll choose but you all will have a say in what we learn and dance as well. While I’ll be teaching the course, including dance history, various styles of dance, and showing dance videos, all of you will have the opportunity to teach the class as well. We’ll read, write, watch videos, and, of course, dance! I will not be evaluating you on your dancing unless you ask me to, but I will be evaluating you on your daily participation in dance class. We will workshop concepts together each week, and there will be a weekly component of written or spoken reflection in each of our classes.

Fitness at the YMCA
Hozho Mac LoneTree
Fitness Syllabus

This class is a free gym use time at the YMCA for students to work on their physical fitness. They have free range use of the equipment provided they are of age where they will be guided through safe and effective practices for lifting, cardio, and other activities.

Kevin Nichols

Janelle Reed

Students practice breath work, asana (poses), and mindfulness. Students will learn about morals and ethics of mindful living, known as the Yamas of Patanjali, as well as familiarize with the energetic Chakras that correspond with the physical body. This course promotes “listening to the body” as a guideline for young yogis, rather than striving for “perfect” poses. This body positive practice is known as All Bodies Rise Yoga (ABRY).