Other Electives

Computer Coding
JD Morales

**This course does not count towards a math graduation credit unless approved as a personal curriculum alternative to Algebra II.**

This curriculum has been designed by the TEALS program to support computer science teachers andor volunteer professionals teaching an introductory computer science course in a high school classroom.  The curriculum is based on, and borrows heavily from, the Beauty and Joy of Computing Curriculum developed at the University of California, Berkeley.  The TEALS curriculum has a heavier focus on the basic programming components of the course than BJC, Sacrificing some of the advanced programming and conceptual topics that are less appropriate in an introductory high school classroom.

Health & Wellness
Kathy Moore

Math Workshop
Gabriel Reyes
Math Workshop Syllabus

The purpose of this course is to offer students support in math through homework help and in class activities. Students will have the opportunity to explore math through activities and projects in class that reflect math standards in their core classes. 

Students will also be offered support through independent study time at the end of each class. I will work with each student to make sure they are able to stay on top of their coursework and build an understanding of course content.

Restorative Practice Program
Marisol Badilla

The Restorative Practice Program is designed to teach students skills to navigate and de-escalate tensions among City High peers and staff. The students in the program will help the Dean of Students design and implement school-wide initiatives, student discipline, whole-school meetings, and plan events. Being part of the Restorative Practice Program will ensure student perspective and representation in initiatives that shape the school culture. The class is also designed to teach conflict resolution skills to help peers and community handle conflict to hold people accountable and guide students to be the best version of themselves that they can and choose to be.