Habits of Heart and Mind

City High School’s Habits of Heart and Mind are integral to all that we do and help to reinforce real world application of our learning.

  • InquiryWhat do I want to know?
  • EvidenceWhat makes something believable and convincing?
  • PerspectiveWhose viewpoints should I consider?
  • ExpressionHow do I share what I think, know, and feel?
  • ActionHow do I make things happen?
  • ReflectionWhat have I learned?

These habits are woven throughout the curriculum at City High School. They are designed to be both intellectual (habits of the “mind”) and affective (habits of the “heart”) and encourage students to develop consistent, rigorous, ethical, and caring ways of approaching the world.

Mastery of these habits occurs through a variety of channels at City High School. Students demonstrate them through activities and projects in their classes throughout the year. In advisory, students reflect on and further develop their understanding of the habits, and they keep a portfolio that serves to showcase their understanding and mastery of the habits. Students reflect and present more formally and publicly on their progress with these habits several times throughout the school year in semester roundtables with parents, peers, and advisors, and in gateway exhibitions.

Habit of Heart & Mind posters designed, photographed, and illustrated by students Michael Lizotte Class of 2012 and Derek West Class of 2013 with their internship mentor Krista Niles: