Alumni Profile – Carrie SooHoo, 2010

Carrie SooHoo - City High SchoolCarrie SooHoo, CHS Class of 2010

Carrie graduated from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. During six years of undergraduate study, she received degrees in Marine Science, Psychology and Communications, as well as certificates in Educational Studies and STEM Honors. The extra two years was worth it! Carrie is a tutor and afterschool instructor at Waiakea Intermediate School. She believes teaching is a way to combine her many interests and passions.

Carrie looks back.

“City High School taught me to learn and to take initiative.  I remember my first day of high school. We had to develop an essential question, go downtown, observe our world, and find an answer. This whole approach helped me to become a more self-directed learner and encouraged me to ask questions and seek answers. I became intrinsically motivated and began to identify as a life-long learner.

“City High School also taught me to not be afraid to try for things even if they seemed out of reach.  Whenever I questioned whether to apply for something or to try something new, my teachers always encouraged me to pursue it.  I think it was the push I needed.

“City High was one of the first places where I felt a strong sense of community and place.  I became very close with my classmates, teachers, mentors, and the broader downtown community. I learned how to work with a diverse group of people and was encouraged me to be an active community member. The strong emphasis on community-building influenced me to get involved in a lot of campus and community organizations in college.

… Because of City High, everywhere I go, I strive to develop a sense of place.”