Alumni Profile – Katy Galaz, 2009

Katy Galaz - City High SchoolKaty Galaz, CHS Class of 2009

Katy graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in fine arts. Her dual career interests are to become an artist and an arts educator. She describes her path this way: “In college, studying studio art, I was mostly interested in my own artistic endeavors. What led to my interest in art education was a course on the history of contemporary art. The class was electric; it functioned like a fascinating dinner conversation, and made me realize how important dialogue was for the arts. I decided then that I wanted to spend my career facilitating artistic dialogue, exploration and creation.”

Katy looks back. “The values that I consider to be a part of my identity began with City High School’s Habits of Heart and Mind. They have aided in my personal, educational, and professional growth, because they were not merely words to memorize – instead, they unfolded through meaningful learning experiences. One of these experiences I remember from a class with Eve [Rifkin]. We were prepping for a debate in humanities and having to construct arguments from both sides. Today I still use those same skills; I try my best to alter my perspective, to examine and to reflect on whatever it is I am faced with.

“City High School’s community-based programs encouraged me to consider my role in the world beyond home and school – at an age when it was so easy to be passive. … I didn’t know this then, but at City High I built a foundation for the values I carry with me into adulthood – values that have made me grounded, mindful, and willing to do for others. Attending a school that encouraged me to be a mindful member of society influenced my career in education. My teaching philosophy is dedicated to creating a reciprocal learning environment, where students are empowered as capable community members, inside and outside of the classroom.”