Alumni Profile – Lucille Petty, 2011

Lucille PettyLucille Petty, CHS Class of 2011

Lucy’s day job is managing the office at the Instrumental Music Center in Tucson, but she is best known in our community as a performance artist. She has acted with many theatres over the years, including playing lead roles that have earned her critical acclaim. More recently Lucy has branched into music.

Lucy offers career advice: “Don’t put blinders on and let opportunities pass you by just because they are not what you had in mind. I am an actor first and have found success and slight acclaim. Then I started learning the ukulele. Now I make music with my boyfriend (under the name “Logan & Lucille”). We have performed together in 30 states and 7 countries. If I hadn’t grabbed the opportunity to do something scary like write music about my life and sing in front of strangers, I would not have the good fortune of traveling and seeing the world.”