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Graduation Ceremony and Rehearsal Details

City High School graduation

City High School’s Graduation Ceremony will be held on Friday, May 27 at 6:30 p.m. at Brandi Fenton Memorial Park. This email contains all of the details about the upcoming graduation ceremony, the rehearsal, and what you need to do to prepare. 


All graduating seniors are required to attend the graduation ceremony rehearsal on Thursday, May 26, at 9:00 a.m. at Brandi Fenton Memorial Park in the Commons Area (see map attached). Seniors can get to this location on their own, or if they need a ride from City High School, they need to be at school no later than 8:30 a.m..


Where is the ceremony?

Brandi Fenton Memorial Park (3482 E River Road) at the ‘Commons’ Area’. Please see the map of the event site. The Commons Area is just north of Ramada 1 and just south of the Visitor’s Center and the Memorial Garden. If you are arriving headed east on River Road, turn right into the park grounds–parking for the Commons Area will be on your left. If you are arriving headed north on Alvernon Way, continue straight at the intersection with Dodge Rd., then turn left into the park grounds (at River Rd.) and the parking for the Commons Area will be on your left. 

What time should graduates arrive?

The ceremony begins promptly at 6:30 p.m., but graduates need to arrive by 6:00 p.m. to get ready. Graduates need to report for attendance with a staff member at the patio in front of the Visitor’s Center. Seniors, be sure to wear your graduation cap, gown, and tassel!

What time can guests arrive? 

Guests should plan to arrive anytime between 6:00 and 6:30 p.m. 

How long is the graduation ceremony?

We anticipate it will be about an hour and 15 minutes. 


Please email Brett Goble or Annie Holub with any questions you may have. 

Thank you for all of your support this year. We are looking forward to a great event!

Pennington Street Showcase, March 24

The Pennington Street Showcase is finally here!
This Thursday night, from 5-7pm join us at 37 and 47 Pennington Street to see what our students have been working on this year!
Join us this Thursday night!

Spring Break is around the corner!

Here are a couple of reminders regarding the upcoming school calendar:

  • Friday, March 11th: No school for City High students. It is a professional development day for staff.
  • March 14th to March 18th: Spring Break!
  • Monday, March 21st: Fourth quarter begins.
  • Friday, April 15th: Spring Holiday, no classes!


No School on Monday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

City High School will be closed on Monday, January 15 in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Classes will resume Tuesday, January 19th with a special schedule as follows:

PER 1: 9:00-9:50
PER 2: 9:55-10:45
PER 3: 10:50-11:40
PER 4: 11:45-12:35
LUNCH: 12:35-1:15
PER 5: 1:15 – 2:05
PER 6: 2:10 – 3:00

What To Do If You Are Absent

What To Do If You’re Absent

Parent/Guardians: please call (520) 623-7223 or email to let us know the reason for the absence and how long the student will be out (if possible). If the student is sick, please call us daily to update us on how they are feeling and if they will continue to be absent. 

Students: if you are feeling well enough, please email your advisor and teachers to let them know you are out. Check this file for staff contact info, teacher office hours, and to find where assignments and resources are posted. If you are absent for several days, please communicate with us every day so we know how you are doing and can support you. Please be sure to take care of yourself. We care about you, so if you are feeling overwhelmed please feel free to reach out to your Advisor or Rachel, our Counselor for support. Please see this Self Care document for ways to support your well-being.

What To Do When You Return To School

Students: plan to come to school at 8:30 am on the morning you return to school and go to your advisor’s office hours to make a plan to reconnect with your teachers and complete classwork. If you have been able to work from home, the transition back to class should be quick and easy. If you have not been able to work from home, your advisor and teachers will work together to create a plan for learning recovery and work completion. All teachers have office hours in the morning before school and at least one afternoon a week to give you individual and small group support. Math tutoring is available after school on Tues, Weds, and Thursdays. We are here to support your success!


Half Days for Students January 6 and 7 for Student-Led Conferences

Students will have half days in the afternoons on Thursday, January 6, and Friday, January 7, to accommodate Student-Led Conferences for 10th and 12th Graders.

THURSDAY, January 6

8:30-11:00 Student-Led Conferences; no classes for students

11:30-12:25 PERIOD 1

12:25-1:00 LUNCH

1:05-2:00 PERIOD 2

2:05-3:00 PERIOD 3

FRIDAY, January 7

8:30-11:00 Student-Led Conferences; no classes for students

11:30-12:25 PERIOD 4

12:25-1:00 LUNCH

1:05-2:00 PERIOD 5

2:05-3:00 PERIOD 6

No School on Labor Day, 9/6/21

The first few weeks of school have sped by, and we are all looking forward to a much-deserved Labor Day weekend. There is no school Monday, September 6, 2021 in observance of Labor Day. 

On Tuesday, September 7, we will hold a special schedule so that the classes that normally meet on Monday are not missed.

PER 1: 9:00-9:50
PER 2: 9:55-10:45
PER 3: 10:50-11:40
PER 4: 11:45-12:35
LUNCH: 12:35-1:15
PER 5: 1:15 – 2:05
PER 6: 2:10 – 3:00


Use our on-line calendar available on the City High School website to stay the up-to-date on school happenings!

Back-to-School Night: Wednesday, September 1 from 5:30-7:30pm

Dear Students, Families, and City High Community,
It’s been quite a start to the 2021 – 2022 school year and no small feat for all of us to return to full-time, in-person learning after more than a year of lockdowns, remote and hybrid classes, part-time cohorts, and to face all the stresses and challenges of the pandemic education experience. Congratulations to everyone who has persevered in spite of all these changes. We’re back and we’re ready to resume our annual Back to School Night event on Wednesday, September 1st, 2021 from 5:30 – 7:30pm. Due to the continued substantial spread of COVID-19 in Pima County, we’ll be hosting this event over Zoom. 

All parents and guardians are encouraged to join us for our return to this annual event to meet your student’s teachers, advisors, and support staff and to find out more about our classes, course expectations, special programming, and more. Your student will be creating a personalized schedule of Zoom links (like this sample) that they will email to you later today. To participate on Wednesday, you’ll just need to click on the Zoom links in the invitation to follow your student’s schedule. Don’t worry if you can’t join us on Wednesday evening, all the information will be available on our website by Thursday, September 2nd.
We’ll have information on Wednesday about our After School Programs, Tutoring, and Teachers’ Office Hours. There will be additional Zoom meetings scheduled in the coming days for families to meet our School Counselor and to learn more about our Health and Wellness protocols; EmpowerLearning and Competency-Based Learning; and the City High Family Association. Click on Inside City High for more information and updates.
Please know that the health and wellbeing of our students, families, and community is our highest priority and is a necessary prerequisite for students to engage with learning and participate fully at school. We continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 and will update our protocols as needed. Stay tuned for a follow-up email about our Health and Wellness Protocols and a requirement to include COVID vaccine status with your teen’s immunization record.
***Why do we need this information? While it is NOT a district or county requirement to have a COVID vaccination to attend school, Pima County Health Department has different exposure protocols for vaccinated and unvaccinated students and staff. In the event of a COVID exposure at City High School, we will need to have students’ vaccine status on file to comply with the Health Department’s notification, quarantine, and testing procedures.***
In the meantime, students and staff should continue to stay home if they are sick, or if a member of their family is sick, or if they think they have been exposed to an illness. CCCL and CHS recommend that all our community members get vaccinated if they are eligible, wear a mask at school regardless of their vaccination status, sanitize or wash their hands frequently, and maintain physical distance when possible. We have KN95 and surgical masks available at the front desk, we are arranging to have rapid Covid tests at school, and are scheduling a Pima County Vaccine Clinic on site in the coming days.
Thank you for your patience, flexibility, and continued support as we return to in-person schooling. Please reach out to me or to your teen’s advisor if you have questions, suggestions, or concerns.
with gratitude,
Kathy for the Admin Team

Registration for Summer School is Now Open

Building Photo 47 East Pennington

The Summer School program at City High School offers students the opportunity to recover credit for a course a student received an ‘F’ or ‘NG’ (no grade) in a previous semester or year. 

This year, we will be holding summer school in person. There will not be a remote learning option. The school will require students to wear KN95 masks at all times while in the building. We will also be seating students at least 3 feet apart from each other and promoting hand-washing and the use of hand sanitizer throughout the day. 

Session One: Monday, June 7 to Friday, June 18–Class runs from 9:00am – 2:30pm (includes breaks and a ½ lunch break–lunch is free for all students). Students can earn .5 credit in either:

  • Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, or Quantitative Reasoning)
  • English (all grade levels)

Session Two: Monday, June 21 to Friday, July 2–Class runs from 9:00am – 2:30pm (includes breaks and a ½ lunch break–lunch is free for all students). Students can earn .5 credit in:

  • Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, or Quantitative Reasoning)

To earn credit in Summer School, all required assignments and assessments for the course must be completed by the end of session. The successfully completed course will be added to the student’s transcript with a letter grade earned and .5 credit. The highest grade a student will be able to earn in summer school will be a ‘B’. The previously earned and notated F will be changed to an ‘NG’ (No Grade) and the student’s GPA will be recalculated with the F removed. Students who do not successfully complete a course will have no update made to their transcript. A student who finishes the coursework and testing prior to the end of session will not need to attend the remaining days of the session.

There is no charge for Summer School. Our program is fully funded by the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant program. Register today for credit recovery Summer School.


ACT, AzM2, and AzSCI testing in April

City High School will be administering statewide achievement tests (AzM2 and AzSCI) for 10th grade students and the ACT college entrance exam for 11th grade students throughout the month of April. All of these tests are in-person and will be administered at the school on the days and times listed below.

The AzM2 are tests required by the Arizona Department of Education that measure student learning in Math, Reading, And Writing. All 10th grade students are expected to take these tests.

The AzSCI is a required statewide achievement test for Science. All 11th grade students are expected to take the AzSCI.

For all students who are doing in-person hybrid learning, you will take the AzM2 and the AzSCI when they are given on the days and times listed below. For all students doing all remote learning, please complete the registration form to indicate that you will or will not be participating in these state-mandated tests. AzM2 Registration (for 10th grade students) and AzSCI Registration (for 11th grade students).

The ACT is a college entrance exam intended for current 11th grade students. The ACT is one of the two college entrance exams that some colleges look at for college admissions and scholarship purposes (the other test is the SAT). There are other testing dates available at other locations for students (here are the links to testing days for the ACT and the SAT), but as a service to students and families we are offering the ACT free of charge at City High School on April 13. In-state universities in Arizona (UA, ASU, and NAU) do not require these tests for admission if the applicant has a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) or higher. However, a score on the ACT could give an applicant an advantage for merit-based scholarships or admission, if the student has below a 3.0 GPA. A student can also take these tests (ACT and SAT) more than once to try to improve their score. There will be test dates available as late as October 2021 for college applications for Fall of 2022.

Juniors who are planning to take the ACT test or their parent/guardian, need to send an email to Luci Pavlich, Test Coordinator, at In your email please include the student’s name. Luci will email you the pre-test information, your student code, and registration to be filled out prior to the testing day.  Please respond by Thursday, April 8. Please note the arrival time for ACT testing is 8:45 a.m. on Tuesday, April 13.

Here are the testing dates and times for the AzM2, the AzSCI, and the ACT:

AzM2 Writing: 10th grade students will test during their English class period–one of the times listed below:

  • Monday, April 12: 3rd period: 10:35 a.m. -12:05 p.m.
  • Monday, April 12, 5th period: 1:30-3:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, April 13, 4th period: 10:35 a.m.-12:05 p.m.

AzM2 Reading: 10th grade students will test during their English class period–one of the times listed below:

  • Monday, April 19: 3rd period: 10:35 a.m.-12:05 p.m.
  • Monday, April 19, 5th period: 1:00-3:00 p.m. (please note the earlier start time for this class)
  • Tuesday, April 20, 4th period: 10:35-12:05 p.m.

AzM2 Math:

10th grade students who have Geometry for period 3 or period 5 and any 10th grade student taking Algebra 2 will take the test on:

  • Monday, April 26 10:35 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (this testing session will include a midday break for lunch and Advisory)

10th grade students who have Geometry for period 4 will take the test on:

  • Tuesday, April 27, 10:35 – 3:00 p.m. (this testing session will include a midday break for lunch and Advisory)


11th grade students who have Biology/Life Science for 5th period will take the AzSCI on:

  •  Thursday, April 15 1:00- 3:00 p.m.

11th grade students who have Biology/Life Science for 4th period and any 11th grade student who does not have a Biology/Life Science class this year will take the AzSCI on:

  • Friday, April 16 10:30-12:00 p.m.


Any junior (11th grade) can take the ACT on:

  • Tuesday, April 13 8:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m.