College Guidance Resources

City High School’s graduation is a beautiful outdoor event in the heart of downtown Tucson, celebrating the accomplishments of the graduating class.

College Planning

City encourages students to make an appointment with the Director of College Access, Brett Goble to discuss post-high school plans and options.

Talk to an advisor at the Metropolitan Education Commission to explore college options, scholarship opportunities, gain FAFSA help, and complete applications. Appointments can be made here.

Many great online resources can help with the college planning process at all grade levels. The College Board has some helpful tools for college and career exploration, as well as information of financial aid and scholarships. First in the Family is another great resource that provides personal stories, advice, and planning tools for all students. This resource pays particular attention to students who will be first in their family to attend college.

In order to combat excessive student loan debt, many colleges are promising to cover 100% of a student’s tuition for families who exhibit financial need. Here’s a list of colleges that meet 100% of a family’s financial need, including some of the top liberal arts colleges in the country. Additionally, these colleges offer full scholarships for undocumented students.

College Entrance Exams

Most 4-year universities require incoming applicants to take either the SAT or the ACT. These tests are given several times throughout the year, including summer, and require special preparation. All students are encouraged to take either the SAT or the ACT for the first time in the spring or summer of their junior year. Seniors who would like to improve their score are encouraged to retake the test in the fall of their senior year.

College Application Resources

All graduating seniors will be encouraged to apply to one or more of the three in-state universities (University of Arizona, Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University). Additionally, students who qualify will be encouraged to apply to out-of-state universities that match their interests. See the City High School CHS Profile 2020_2021.

The three in-state Arizona in-state universities each have their own applications:

Most out-of-state universities accept the Common Application. The Common Application is a not-for-profit organization that serves students and member institutions by providing an admission application – online and in print – that students may submit to any of their 488 members.

Some City High students choose to take a class at Pima Community College while they are still in high school to receive dual credit. Additionally, many students choose to enroll at PCC to get started on their general education credits before enrolling in a 4-year university.

Scholarship and Financial Aid Information/Resources

You can always check the City Scholarship Page to find local scholarships, grants, and volunteer opportunities available to our students. and are another tools that help students and their families connect with scholarship opportunities that prepare them for college.

The Metropolitan Education Commission is a great local resource that connects students to scholarship and grant opportunities and assists with the application process. City encourages students interested in college to make an appointment.

Earn to Learn is working to ensure that students not only graduate from a four-year university, but do so with little to no debt. They offer support services that connect students to each other, their schools, and the community, creating systems and skills that will see them beyond graduation.

Check out The College Affordability Guide, a great new resource for exploring the most affordable universities in the country.

Pima Community College Scholarship and Financial Aid:

Karla B. González-Quezada,

Assistant Director of Scholarships and Outreach

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Pima Community College
Phone: 520.206.4551
Fax: 520.206.4566