Volunteer Opportunities

parent volunteer 1

Michaela Everett (Class of ’17) and mother Meta Everett (Parent Association)

Research shows that young people gain so much when the adults in the community share their skills and experience with the next generation. We welcome parents, family members, and community supporters to get involved in City High School in ways that match their areas of interest and expertise.


  • Wish List: Boxes of tissues; hand sanitizer; frisbees and soccer balls for field activities.
  • For other occasional volunteer needs and classroom item requests, contact Family Liaison Leslie Cho Newman, 623-7223 x103 or leslie “at” cityhighschool.org. 


  1. Classroom Guest Speaker or Career Day Presenter
  2. Senior Internship Mentor
  3. Community Advisory Council Member
  4. Parent/Guardian Volunteer Opportunities
  5. City High School’s School Governing Board

Business and nonprofit organizations can get involved too! Become a Downtown Friend of City High or a Community Partner.

Contact Annie Holub for more information or fill out our Contact Us form and we will be in touch.